17.12.22 - USA - KSK Eching

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Nachricht an den Botschafter der russischen Föderation in USA
vom 17. Dezember 2022

Dear Mr. Ambassador of the Russian Federation in USA, Dear Excellency,
I reached out to you earlier this year with some messages in the hope that they will be heard.
Unfortunately, these remained unanswered. I am very sorry and saddened by this.
The Christmas festival is imminent. The celebration of the birth of the Lord is a time for all of us to pause
and review the year.
What we have seen this year is that there are so many innocent people in Ukraine and Russia
experienced indescribable suffering.
The news about the death, physical and mental damage of so many loved ones - fathers, mothers, children -
we all had to endure day after day.
Fellow human beings who were simply deprived of the dignity to lead their lives according to their ideas.
This makes us all very sad. And I'm sure. These developments also move you, dear Excellency,
Dear Mr. Ambassador
So I urge you once again to use your valued influence,
to finally bring about a peaceful solution to this conflict.
Europe and the whole world would be deeply grateful to you, Excellency.
We all hope for you.


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