05.03.22 - Großbritannien - KSK Eching

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Nachricht an den Botschafter der russischen Föderation in Großbritannien
vom 05. März 2022

Dear Mr. Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Great Britain,
Dear Excellency,
It is with great regret that we have read your message
the threats and hate letters against their compatriots
have to take note of.
We are very sorry personally.
Our aim has always been a friendly relationship with your people
to build and strengthen.
This was reflected in numerous partnerships with cities in Russia.
In this context, may I also remind you of Willi Brandt's politics
and the subsequent governments of Germany, which always sought compensation
and to bring about friendship with the Russian people.
Germany and the partners in the European Union were and
have always advocated balance and peace on the European continent.
This also manifested itself in the final conference of the CSCE on August 1, 1975 in Helsinki.
Among other things, the final file recorded the
- Abstaining from the threat or use of force
- Inviolability of borders
- Territorial integrity of states
- Peaceful settlement of disputes
That is why I want you, Excellency, in your capacity as Ambassador of the Russian Federation
and to exercise your precious influence as a diplomat,
to de-escalate the current crisis in Ukraine.
I would like to urge you, dear Mr. Ambassador, to influence
that hostilities in Ukraine will cease and that the unspeakable suffering of the
Civilians, - mothers, fathers, children - come to an end and that the contentious
questions are clarified DIPLOMATICALLY.
Dear Mr. Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Great Britain,
First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your efforts.
I would be very happy about an answer.

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